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About Gas +

Solvers of impossible problems. The insider’s secret weapon. The retoucher’s retoucher. Though none of these phrases quite fit, all of them have been used as a way to try to sum up The Gas Company. For over twenty years, our clients have come to us – again and again – when they need:

  • One-of-a-kind, custom proposals that outshine the competition
  • Multiple photographic details merged into one seamless image
  • Cost-effective solutions for complex, multifaceted printing projects
  • Bindery, macquettes, boxes, books, bangles and other bells and whistles
  • Prepress, cutting, stamping, paper, substrates, inks, signage and samples
  • Big things, small things, tall things and wingdings
  • Reinvention, reassembling, reworking, reordering and renewal
  • Untangling, unification, unjamming and undoing

Our clients turn to us when they’re told that it can’t be done. Our colleagues turn to us when they don’t know how. We’re grateful for the trust these people have placed in us. We’re thankful for all the many friends we’ve made. As always, we’re looking forward to the next challenge – and the next twenty years.

22 Ripley Avenue
Toronto, ON
M6S 3N9


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